I am a qualified graphic designer, based in Melbourne. Creatively dynamic, I work for a varied client base – from independent artists and musicians, to corporate businesses. 

My design knowledge and skills have emerged from my background in visual arts, having exhibited nationally as an artist. Aesthetically, my style is reminiscent of Russian Constructivist artworks, also referencing the Swiss School of Design in my attention to composition and typography. My design works tend to pay homage to the artistic construction and deconstruction of the image, most notably present within Dadaist collage. Pieces from early 80s print media are a significant inspiration for the colour palettes and repeated patterns within my work. Exploring the key elements of juxtaposing representational illustrations, photography, and typography with geometric shapes and block colours, my designs are centred in contrast – borrowing from past and present influences. 

If you are in need of an authentic business or personal design, get in touch with me via the contact form below

for a visual concept that will help to distinguish you from the crowd. 

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